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About deepWORK®

deepWORK® is an intense, high cardio and high intensity training program with an added focus on endurance, and utilizes the proprietary crossWORX Method. It is bodyART® for those who love bootcamps and the most intense levels of physical work. Along with cardio, deepWORK® combines static and dynamic exercises, core training, plyometrics and breathing techniques that challenge the body and mind while maintaining the integrity of form, alignment and mindfulness.

Special Features

The deepWORK® movement sequences are designed so that there is always a connection between tension and relaxation combined with breathing exercises. The phases of deepWORK® trainings are structured according to the five elements: earth, wood, fire, metal and water. These in turn are based on different energy sources. After a deepWORK® unit, the energy of the trainee is completely exhausted. These techniques are also used in meditation therapy, in so-called dynamic meditations, which have their roots mainly in the Far East and are used in people who suffer mainly from depression, cancer or psychosomatic problems.

deepWORK® for Consumers

Experience deepWORK® CONSUMER WORKOUTS taught by the leading Educators of deepWORK®.  All of these classes have the pace, flow and breath work known for, in all deepWORK® classes. YOU will transform your body and mind taking these classes. Browse Videos

deepWORK® Basic Education Deepening Package

This package provides all of the content that was taught in the live Basic Certification Program, chapter-by-chapter, taught by the Masters of deepWORK®. Review, study and view all of the essential work learned in the live basic certification. Be able to pick up the nuances taught by the Masters. This is a necessary and invaluable tool to support and review all of the material taught in the live education courses. Once you take the live education course you can then take it home and relive it over and over. Learn More

deepWORK® Advanced Education Deepening Package

This package provides a review of all of the more advanced work in deepWORK®. It is designed to be a support tool to the live education courses being taught by the deepWORK® Masters. It is designed to support the material in the advanced manual, which will allow the teacher to review each and every segment being taught during the course, and learn and understand the nuances of the material. Relive the experience at your own time and at your own computer. Learn More

bodyART is one of the best things that happened with me in my life! It made me calm, chilled and relaxed, after every training I have the feeling that I don’t have to worry about anything and there is peace all around me. It has important physiological effect as well, since I’m exercising regularly I could forget about the pain in my back that was regular before...

~ Kata

The deepWORK is important to me, because I can work off the whole week’s stress, and I can replace my limits. All in all I realized my limits existed only because I’ve settled and maintained them. The deepWORK and bodyART makes me able to overcome these limits both physically and psychologically...

~ Tímea Borbély